Audarya means “kindness

Prestige tasting

There is a moment when time seems to stop. From the wide glass window of the winehouse you can enjoy a unique spectacle: the vineyards are painted with the same color of the sunset and the profiles seem to fade. It is a unique moment where everything seems magical. The winery’s wine shop is a unique place where you have to make a stop, here you can taste our wines, accompanied by local products, sitting at the large social table, after completing the visit of the company.

Visit of the winery and tasting of 3 wines from our selection or 4 wines accompanied by a selection of cold cuts and cheeses typical of the Parteolla region.
Two wines of Audarya selection and two 2 of our wine selection.
Audarya includes: Vermentino, Nuragus, Rosato, Monica, Cannonau.
Our Selection includes: Camminera, Estissa, Nuracada, Bisai.


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The Parteolla

The grapevine, the olive tree and the orchards color green and fill an area full of history and traditions with scents. The Parteolla, which includes the Municipalities of Dolianova, Barrali, Donori Serdiana, Soleminis and Settimo San Pietro, cannot fail to be visited by those who want to immerse themselves in nature and enjoy a good wine accompanied by tasty dairy products, but also by a slice of bread topped with the fragrant oil produced in the area.