Giara’s park,Gesturi

For local people: Sa jara manna

We will cross the Giara plateau surrounded by a special environment made by holm oak and mastic woods. We will discover the strawberry tree and myrtle, we will walk through ferules, euphorbias, asphodels and fragrant helichrysum prairie. We will recognize the typical plants of Mediterranean vegetation and the use that man had made of them for daily activities, food, medicine and leisure. You will observe archaeological evidence of the Neolithic, Nuragic, Roman period, and interesting pastoral settlements used till a few years ago. Finally, we will admire the typical inhabitant of this area, a small horse known as “Cavallino della Giara” (Giara little horse) in its natural environment.


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The Gesturi plateau, also known as Sa Jara Manna, is a basaltic plateau located in central-southern Sardinia. Wide about 4400 hectares takes its name from the Latin word glarea (gravel) which indicates the high rocky soil and the municipality of Gesturi, with about 2000 hectares included within the plateau area; other villages included are Genoni, Tuili and Setzu. The plateau is famous for being the special habitat of the famous ponies, the last wild horses in Europe. Today it is considered a biotope of national importance for its geographical, environmental and socio-cultural characteristics.Source Wikipedia