Tortolì, Lotzorai and Osono

Nuraghi and Domus de janas


We will visit the Cea Menhirs still in their original position oriented with the stars. Later, not far from the Menhirs we will visit the wonderful Nuraghe s’Ortali and Su Monte dating back to the 2nd millennium BC.


Not far away we will discovery the Lotzorai Domus de Janas, a necropolis of the VI – IV millennium BC consisting of small caves scattered on a fantastic granite mountain and famous for their legend of the Janas “the fairies”.


Last stop, we will visit the the Giants Tombs of Osono, a typical funerary monument consisting of collective burials belonging to the Nuragic age and present throughout the whole Sardinia, discovered in the early nineties in Osono near Triei.


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Ogliastra (Ogiàstra, Ollàstra or Ozàstra in Sardinian) is a historical-geographical region located in central-eastern Sardinia; it belongs to Barbagia, which is why in the past it was known as Barbagia Trigònia. It also gave its name to the Province of Ogliastra, active from 2005 to 2016, which had Tortolì and Lanusei as its capitals. Source Wikipedia