Historic Centre and Capo Caccia

The sardinian Barceloneta

Historic city in the far north of the west coast of Sardinia, Alghero is a renowned touristic center, known as the capital of Coral Riviera and shows all the inheritance of the Catalan domination, known as Barceloneta. Much of the coast is protected by the Capo Caccia cape – Isola Piana marine area, where hundreds of treasures are kept, including the Neptune cave, reachable by land, via the Escala del Cabirol, and by sea, with boats leaving from the port.

Capo Caccia cape (in Catalan and Algherese Cap de la Ca├ža) is a big limestone promontory located in the north-western extremity of Sardinia, overlooking the bay of Alghero, and with the other limestone promontory of Alghero, Punta Giglio encloses the great gulf of Porto Conte.

The Capo Caccia weather station is located there and, due to its position, it is equipped with a lighthouse, which thanks to its height position, 186 meters above sea level, is one of the most visible, about 34 miles, throughout the whole Italy and the Mediterranean area.


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The coral of Alghero

The coral of Alghero, a city of Catalan language and tradition in Sardinia, is known] as one of the finest in the Mediterranean for its particular reputation for quantity, quality, compactness and above all for its ruby red color, so much so as to highlight one of the most economic aspects important of the territory, also called Riviera del Corallo, and of the city, and to have in its coat of arms a branch of the precious red coral on a rock base. Due to the particular combination with jewelry and goldsmith craftsmanship it also takes the name of red gold, so much so that it is sold at the same price as the precious metal. Source Wikipedia