History, culture and nature

“The cellar was designed to welcome visitors and guide them on a journey through the creation of our wines, the flavors and traditions of our land”.

This proposal is dedicated to all who wish to live a complete experience, between stories, flavors and secrets of Su’entu wines.
The tasting is an increase of taste and emotions during a journey between wines that offer a range of gustatory notes and aromas with a unique personality.
Between one glass and another, you can also sip our Bovale, the undisputed protagonist of the Su’entu Winery.
This tasting itinerary includes:
Su’brì Brut, Su’Aro, Su’orma Vermentino, Su’anima Cannonau, Su’Nico Bovale and Su’Luci Passito.


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Marmilla is a subregion of Sardinia located in the central-southern part of the region. It is bordered to the east and south by the Campidano, to the north-west by Monte Arci, to the north by the Giara di Gesturi and the Giara di Serri, to the east by the Flumini Mannu. The landscape is mainly hilly and includes the Giara, the Genoni plateau and the Rio Mannu basin. The main activities of the area are agriculture and tourism. The crops are mainly of cereals, but the cultivation of beans, artichokes and vines is also widespread.