Il Supramonte

Jeep excursion in Supramonte and Orgosolo area

We will discover beautiful scenarios of ancient and surviving worlds. Sardegna Nascosta in collaboration with La Guida Tour offers planned programs, study and entertainment opportunities to groups, schools, organizations or associations, and for the more adventurous, particular paths along the gullies in the limestone complex of the Supramonte, discovering the caves and the magical solitudes of this particular area.

Once in the village of Orgosolo, we will continue by off-road vehicle until to reach Montes forest, one of the most beautiful, enchanting and mysterious woods of Mediterranean scrub. We will follow a dirt road that passes under a dense forest of holm oaks and junipers, rich in wild animals such as goats, sheep and pigs, until to get to Monte Novo S. Giovanni. This is a singular and solitary limestone heel that reaches 1316m in height from where all the Barbagia mountains are visible: the Supramonte of Urzulei, Baunei, Dorgali, Oliena, up to the highest peaks of the Gennargentu mountain range.
Continuing in the mountain, after a small stop next one of the largest holm oaks in the area, dug by the weather and used by shepherds as an animal refuge, we will get to Su Vadu ‘e S’Enis, a suggestive location where it is still possible to visit the famous “pinnettos”, a typical hut made of stone and covered with juniper trunks and branches. Here the shepherds will prepare for us an abundant and delicious lunch based on local products expertly prepared by hand according to ancient recipes such as cold cuts, cheeses, ricotta, roast meats, carasau bread, vegetables, fruit, water, coffee and digestive, all accompanied from the famous wine cannonau.

After lunch, in the early afternoon we will go back to Orgosolo village by off-road vehicle passing through the woods, forests, sheepfolds, fords and small streams that surround Monte Novo S. Giovanni. Once in the village we will walk through the alleys of the historic center admiring the beautiful murals, the famous wall paintings that color and cheer up the entire village and give an artistic touch of original beauty. Starting from the 1960s, the Orgolesi (local people of the village) painted the external walls of their houses to express their disappointment against the impositions of the Italian State for the management of the territory.


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The Orgosolo Supramonte has an extension of 3360 ha and includes the mountain of Monte Novo San Giovanni with its peaks up to 70 meters and Monte Fumai (1,316 m s.l.m.) and Monte Su Biu (1,163 m s.l.m). In its territory there is the forest of Montes, the centuried holm oak of sas Baddes, the Campu Donanigoro plateau, the Su Mudrecu plateau where centuried junipers testify the fire that destroyed the forest in 1931; the sinkhole (400 meters in diameter and 1 km and a half in circumference) of Su Suercone which has been declared a natural monument with a legislative provision by the Sardinia Region in order to protect its natural environment. Source Wikipedia